Optiver started its business with a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s options exchange back in 1986. Today we’re at the forefront of trading and technology employing over 1000 people globally, and more than 200 in Chicago. Our office trades a variety of products across many exchanges. Within our industry we are active members of the FIA Principal Traders Group (FIA PTG), and the Commodity Markets Council (CMC).

    Optiver US LLC is located in the derivatives capital of the world, Chicago, IL. Located in the heart of the Chicago Loop, our working environment perfectly parallels the energetic city we call home. 


    We approach success globally and offer competitive compensation through our shared global profit pool. This dynamic encourages team collaboration and is reinforced by a strong management team that leads by example. We have a flat organization based on partnership, ownership and trust that fosters an environment where the best idea wins.

    Live and work in Chicago

    With its incredible food, breath-taking architecture and diverse culture, Chicago has everything you’d want in a rich and vibrant city life.
    As the derivatives capital of the world, you’ll be working at the center of competitive and dynamic activity, while enjoying a comparatively lower cost of living in an American metropolis.

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Each and every one of us focuses on finding ways to continuously improve the way we work – challenging ourselves and each other to achieve excellence.
If you strive to do things better, faster, smarter…well, it’s likely you’ll love it here, too.


Optiver Holding BV and Optiver VOF are subject to the European CRD IV/ CRR regulations. A copy of the Pillar III disclosures is available upon request from pillar3@optiver.com

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